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niraj malik
Chairman, CTO

Mr. Niraj Malik

Since 1997, InterTouch is leading provider of roofing, Metal building systems and building claddings with hundreds of satisfied customers across GCC, India and Africa. InterTouch has successfully provided roofing solutions with KALZIP roofing system, which removes the technical constraint of form and stability and inspires Architect to be more creative and innovative. With a team of qualified and committed experts, InterTouch is fully geared to meet industry challenges and provide complete end to end quality and time bound solution. At InterTouch, we believe in employee satisfaction, up-gradation of their skill levels and for this purpose, the group invests a lot in training & development, incentive schemes etc. InterTouch enjoys a high credit rating thus financially a strong company. We are proud of our achievements. I am confident that InterTouch will see even greater growth and scale even greater heights. InterTouch extends a warm welcome to all those who share our vision of a future where development is sustainable and growth is achieved together
Sadhna Malik


Director Operations

Mrs. Sadhna Malik