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Intertouch demonstrates its competence in non-industrial domains, extending its dedication to quality beyond of the industrial sphere. Whether we’re developing retail establishments, private homes, or institutional buildings, innovation, sustainability, and fine craftsmanship are always our top priorities. Our non-industrial solutions embrace adaptability and embody the same accuracy, dependability, and dedication to customer pleasure that characterize our industrial projects. Excellence crosses sectors at Intertouch, where places are designed to balance aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Advantages of Intertouch PEB Systems

Speedy Construction

Steel structure

Cost Efficiency

Termite proof

Versatility in Design

Water Proof, Fire proof and moisture proof


Time saving for construction

Speedy Construction

No pollution during construction

Cost Efficiency

Use of Non-toxic green material

Versatility in Design

Earth Quake and wind residence


Longer life span and easy to maintain

TCS hyd


Intertouch Light Gauge Framing Systems (LGFS) can be used almost everywhere and with limitless potential for any kind of shape, design and quality over conventional system. You will find few of its application below.


  • Residential Bungalows
  • Additional floors on existing residential buildings
  • Internal partitions and walls
  • Rain screen facades and roof crowns of High rise RCC structures
  • Farm houses
  • Cottages
  • Resorts
  • Guest House
  • Low cost housing projects

Industrial & Commercial

  • Security Guard Cabin
  • Construction site offices
  • Industrial office blocks
  • Mezzanine floors in industrial buildings
  • Labour housing and colonies
  • Generator Rooms
  • Utility blocks
  • Retail outlets- shops & Kiosks
  • Construction site material warehouse (upto 8-10m span)
  • Administrative Block
  • Canteen