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Intertouch is the go-to engineering company in India for holistic pre-engineered steel building solutions because of its vast reach. It is attributable to a number of success aspects, such as Intertouch’s excellent Design Centre, cutting-edge production facilities, an adequate amount of skilled and committed workers, safe material delivery, and project completion within the allotted budget and timeline. Intertouch provides comprehensive structural system solutions to fit practically any type of steel building.

Intertouch provides the assurance of being a well-known, domestically formed Indian business with a solid financial foundation, an outstanding track record, and a nationwide network of distributors and builders that provide on-site expert assistance.

Intertouch is committed to providing

Excellent Endurance and Elegance

Intertouch is renowned for constructing sturdy and refined metal structures that endure environmental challenges and has set the standard in providing durable and elegant metal building solutions across various industries and regions.

Superior Manufacturing and Project Management

Pre-engineered structures of Intertouch are produced in premium factories and delivered to your location. Bolts and nuts are used to assemble the products.

Superior Design and Detailing Services

Each building is constructed with precision and high-quality materials, utilizing custom tools, fabrication plans, and shop drawings. The engineering and knowledge base of manufacturing facilities is known as intertouch design, which improves design to meet the needs of automated machines and vast manufacturing while adhering to time and cost constraints.

Technology and Architecture

Along with drafting building plans and shop specifics, the engineering work in structural steel layout involves in-depth evaluation and design of the entire structure.

Intertouch is an ISO 9001:2008 certification and ISO 9001:2015 certification for standards of excellence.

With 200 committed professionals and experienced structural designers, the Intertouch structural design team is well-equipped to operate securely in accordance with all national and international standards.

  • Modern technology is incorporated to create precise designs that meet international building standards. Intertouch uses cutting-edge metal building software to design all of its buildings.
  • Latest automated welding and cutting instruments are used in the constructions of every structure.
  • Address the extensive manufacturing requirements with a focus on automated machinery, while mindful of both time and cost objectives.

The pre-engineered constructions offered by Intertouch are specially designed to satisfy the unique needs of every client. Every structure is meticulously designed and built to meet the relevant load criteria established by Indian regulations.

Quality Control & Safety

An extensive policy is followed at Intertouch to guarantee the safety of every individual. To ensure the safety of our employees and facilitate seamless business operations, We update and review our policies regularly to foster a culture, health, and safety of our employees and contractors. Our goal is to uphold a secure working environment.

Developing infrastructure, implementing industry best practices into execution by providing training, and performing operations in a way that minimizes potential risks to employees, property, and the areas in which they operate.

Some of the best practices for measuring quality that resulted in constant enhancements in operations, techniques, and products are as follows:

  • Every product satisfies the requirements of national and international standards.
  • At every level of the manufacturing process, every product undergoes rigorous quality inspections to guarantee quality.
  • To guarantee outstanding product quality, we verify the sources of our materials, work with trusted suppliers and manufacturers, and use highly trained employees and modern technology.
  • An internal quality assurance laboratory has been built to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing process. Advanced welding instruments and methods are used. Welding joints go through non-destructive testing. Only well-known and branded consumables are used in manufacturing.
  • Throughout the construction and finishing phases, the project quality department guarantees the structure’s overall quality.