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Customized Value Addition


Delivering the best available, Intertouch pre-engineered metal building solutions are tailored to meet the demands of every project, no matter how big or little, and they are specifically designed for the following kinds of construction:

  • Suitable for the construction of large-span buildings.
  • Modular structures and constructions that are convertible even after completion.
  • Versatility in building and Ideal for activities that move quickly.
  • Highly complex structures can be quickly assembled using simple “bolt-on” construction.
  • Outstanding construct and manufacture.
  • Green buildings that are energy efficient.
  • Structures with light gauge construction.
  • Stores and shopping centres.
  • Buildings in airport terminals.
  • Hangars for wide-body aircraft.
  • Meeting rooms and auditoriums.
  • Multi-level office complexes.
  • Warehouses and sheds for industry.