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Metal Roofing Solutions


Intertouch commenced in 1997, Is a leading supplier of metal building systems, roofing and building claddings. Intertouch has played a vital part as a knowledge leader and industry representative, when it comes to the manufacturing and construction of steel buildings.

Intertouch works collaboratively with experts in project development and construction to support significant commercial, industrial and infrastructural projects. Intertouch holds a substantial share of the metal building systems market in India.

Intertouch is one of India’s top holistic providers of pre-engineered steel building solution. We excel in PEB structures to achieve optimal outcomes and large enough to provide clients with complete construction services from a single source. Our achievements cover a wide range of market areas, such as manufacturing industry, and education. Intertouch is at the forefront of technological innovation, ensures accuracy in construction and outstanding performance in the finished structures.

Pre-Engineered Building (PEB)

Pre-Engineered Buildings are factory-built structures designed for quick assembly and cost efficiency, often used in industrial and warehouse settings. These buildings are customizable and are known for their durability and quick construction timelines. PEBs integrate well with various architectural styles and offer significant flexibility in design.

Kalzip Roofing Systems

Kalzip Roofing Systems feature lightweight, flexible aluminum standing seam roofs ideal for complex roof designs. They are noted for superior thermal and acoustic properties, making them suitable for a variety of building types. Kalzip systems offer long-lasting performance and are customizable to fit specific project needs.

VM Zinc Roof and Façade Solutions

VM Zinc offers sustainable and aesthetically pleasing zinc roofing and façade systems. These systems are durable, with a patina that naturally resists corrosion, and are fully recyclable. VM Zinc is versatile for architectural use, enhancing building aesthetics while providing environmental benefits.


InterTouch strives for regional leadership in roofing, metal building systems, and cladding solutions. Its focus on building a strong, dependable presence in India, the UAE, and Africa. With software and analysis tools, Intertouch digitizes engineering and gives consultants clear, concise design explanations.