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Innovative Roofing Solutions


Current Metal Rooftop and Wall Frameworks from Intertouch join the exact design with a customized style. Our structures are phenomenally flexible and eco-obliging, allowing them to blend in with different design settings while keeping faultless consummation and unmatched convenience.

Tight quality control methodology gives climate opposition and perseverance, which is a demonstration of our commitment to greatness. Intertouch offers total help, from origination to establishment, ensuring a smooth joining of Metal Rooftop and Wall Frameworks into your engineering plan.

Advantages of Intertouch PEB Systems

Speedy Construction

Long Life

Cost Efficiency

High strength

Versatility in Design


Advanced Metal Buildings


From industrial and infrastructural projects, to commercial developments, malls, offices and homes, Intertouch offers several systems for structural and architectural roof and wall cladding applications.