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Intertouch stands proudly upon a foundation of client satisfaction and positive testimonials. Our pre-engineered metal structures outstanding quality, creative designs, and dependable performance have earned our client’s unwavering trust. These endorsements demonstrate our steadfast dedication to fulfilling and surpassing expectations and the fruitful results of our cooperative alliances. Every testimonial provided by Intertouch attests to our commitment to providing the highest standard of service in the metal construction sector.

We would like to express our satisfaction and appreciation to Intertouch Metal Buildings Pvt. Ltd. Niraj Malik for their co-operation to successfully achieve the completion of Project MANARAT AI SAADIYAT at Abu Dhabi, UAE

We appreciate the effort put by their team at all stages, resources deployed and cooperation for the satisfactory and timely completion of this project. We wish them success for all their future assignments.

Please accept our sincere thanks.


We would like to thank Niraj Malik of Intertouch Metal Buildings Pvt. Ltd. for his cooperation in helping to successfully complete Project DOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES Chennai, India.

We are grateful for their team's efforts throughout the project, the resources they used, and their collaboration in ensuring its prompt and satisfactory conclusion. We hope they achieve success on all of their next tasks.

Kindly accept our heartfelt gratitude.


We are grateful to Intertouch Metal Buildings Pvt. Ltd.'s Niraj Malik for his assistance in seeing Project SHIV NADAR UNIVERSITY, through to completion in Dadri, India.

We appreciate all of their team's dedication, the tools they employed, and their cooperation in seeing the job through to a timely and satisfying completion. We wish them well on all of their upcoming assignments.

Please accept our sincere appreciation.