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Green Buildings


Intertouch is proud of its ability to protect the environment and promote energy conservation using both non-renewable and renewable resources. Compared to a traditional structure, Intertouch, a metal building steel construction firm maximizes energy efficiency, produces less trash, and offers healthier places for residents. Our steel-framed structures are green because their construction material and design greatly minimize or completely eradicate the harmful effects that buildings have on the surrounding area and their inhabitants.

Our structures are 100 percent steel which is recyclable up to 90%

  • Our building sites contribute to a lower carbon footprint by generating less solid waste and construction trash.
  • We use energy-efficient techniques in our modern production facilities to produce steel buildings that drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our buildings are designed, built, and developed with the local climate and resources, like the sun, wind, rain, etc., in mind. Everything will be integrated into the structure’s plan.
  • Our structures have natural ventilation frameworks introduced to give sufficient air course, and direct temperature, making an agreeable and sound indoor environment with little energy use.
  • We utilize steel covered with galvalume, which brings down heat transmission, works on warm protection, and makes a dependable outside, for our protected and intelligent rooftop and wall frameworks. Moreover, this consumes less energy than customary structure techniques.
  • To reduce heat loss from our structures, we use paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Contamination-free and advanced recyclable: Steel can be reused for use in different applications, and, surprisingly, after annihilation, our designs don’t abandon squander like black-top shingles, cement, block, and residue for the climate.
  • As well as being dependable and low support, Intertouch’s structures assist your ventures with getting better LEED and IGBC evaluations, which assists your task with becoming ensured all the more exceptionally.